Study of Sevaqual Scale for Mcdonalds

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Hospitality industry is consisting of restaurants, lodging; transportation etc. hospitality is the relationship between guest and host. In real sense hospitality is the receptions and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers with goodwill and dignity. Hospitality industry is one the fast growing industry which is also creating job opportunity.

In 1954, Raymond Kroc, a milk-shake machine salesman saw a hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California and came up with the McDonalds restaurants in 1955 which invaded a new fast food industry. He revolutionized the American restaurants industry by imposing discipline and production of hamburger, French fries and milk shakes. He offered limited items of high quality in a reasonable price which was served fast in the spotless surroundings. McDonalds was a huge hit with its “QSC&V” which stands for Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value. In 1983, McDonalds had over 6000 restaurants in the United States and in 1976 McDonalds opened its first restaurant outside United States, in Canada.

McDonald’s MISSION
McDonald's mission is to be our customers' favorite place and way to eat with inspired people who delight each customer with unmatched quality, service, cleanliness and value every time…. We invite you to be the part of this winning team and give yourself an opportunity to grow with the family of people striving to create smiles on the faces of millions of people everyday.


To find out the service quality of McDonalds by using the SERVQUAL scale. •To find out customer expectation of quality and the service they received. •To find out customer feedback for McDonalds.

To interpret customer feedback and to provide recommendations on the basis of SERVQUAL scale.

Primary data: questionnaire
Servqual scale is the most important instrument to measure the quality of service as perceived by the customers with the help of questionnaire based on the five dimensions of service quality. It helps the organization in understanding the service expected and perceived by the customer.


Reliability means to deliver the service as promised. Promises about delivery, service provision, problem resolution and pricing. Reliability is to deliver service right the first time and to maintain error-free records.

Responsiveness proves how willing and prompt is the service provider to help the customers. How attentive is the service provider in dealing with the customer requests, questions, complaints and problems. The service provider should be responsible for informing the customer when the service will be provided, if there will be any delay and about the new offerings. For performing responsively the company must appoint good and responsible people and update them with all kind of information, especially the front-line employees.

Assurance is to built trust and confidence in customers. The employees must be knowledgeable and courteous to built trust. This dimension is important for the services like banking, insurance, medical and legal services of which the customers are not too sure and opt for the service at high risk.

Empathy is to treat customers as individual and to think from their point of view. The beauty of empathy is to make the customer feel unique and special and to make the customer feel important by understanding their needs.

Tangible represents the image and reputation of the service through which the customers evaluate the quality of the service. Tangibles are the physical facilities, equipments, personnel and communication material which the service industry uses for delivering the service. QUESTIONNAIRE



1. The services in McDonalds are...
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