Study of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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How does Stevenson show the reader the extent of henry Jekyll’s torment in the final section of the novella “Henry Jekyll’s full statement of the case”?

Stevenson shows the reader the extent of Henry Jekylls torment in “Henry Jekylls full statement of the case. Jekylls torment is seen throughout the chapter. We see the ideas like the torment of divided self, shame and remorse, self-destruction and suicidal thoughts (and the fear they create) the torment of temptation and addiction. These are just some of the main ideas throughout Henry Jekylls full statement of the case.

The torment of the divided self is clearly seen throughout this chapter. Jekyll doesn't know what state he wants to remain in; Edward Hyde or Henry Jekyll. It is as if he is having a war within himself. At the start of this novella we see that Jekyll uses Hyde as a division, but now he feels its slavery” My new power tempted me until I fell in slavery”. Stevenson uses this to show the reader that Hyde has the upper hand on Jekyll, as if he is in control of Jekylls body. “The difficulty had been to throw off the body of Jekyll, it had of late. Gradually but decidedly transferred itself to the other side.” This clearly shows that Jekyll has little power of Hyde, he has lost control. Jekylls state reminds me of a drug addict. They try it for a start and have control, but then as time passes the drug starts controlling them. Consequently in Jekylls case he has experienced the torment of the divided self.

In this chapter Jekyll goes through stages of shame and remorse. We see this when Stevenson writes in first person that Jekyll sees himself as “despised and friendless” He mentions that he is despised and friendless after what he did to both Lanyon and Utterson. Not only does he feel friendless and despised he lost confidence, self-esteem. “ I was suddenly aware that I had lost stature”. He feels remorse from getting both Lanyon and Utterson involved in his personal torment. This...
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