Study of Distribution of Milk

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Study of Distribution of Milk

By | Jan. 2011
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Ice cream is a product whose demand varies depending on the month of the year and even on the local climatic conditions. Hence, the demand for ice creams has to be forecasted correctly to ensure the correct quantity of milk supply to the ice cream plants. The plant should ensure that the milk is not adulterated with water or other adulterants. It should also ensure that the milk has not become spoilt or rancid. Furthermore, a constant supply of milk is to be ensured to minimize the inventory costs. Since, the ice cream manufacturer has to take care of all these complexities; we chose to analyze the product from his perspective. To further carry on with our analysis, we got in touch with the Engineering Dept. of Havmor Ice-Cream Ltd., whose plant is located at Naroda in Ahmedabad. The physical distribution of milk to the plant has been studied in terms of data like order volume, order frequency and the quantity delivered. OBJECTIVE

Milk input to an ice cream industry is chosen under the category of industrial non-durable. The company chosen is the Ice Cream division of the Havmor Foods Pvt. Ltd. The objective, here, is to study the structure and the management of the Sales and Distribution Systems of the dairies to the ice cream plant of Havmor situated at Naroda, Ahmedabad. INTRODUCTION TO INDIAN DAIRY INDUSTRY

Indian Dairy Industry, the largest of its kind in the world, is largely dominated by the government sector. With the largest population of the cattle in the world, India's dairy sector contributes a huge share to the agricultural gross domestic products. With 40 % of the milk processed produced for the diary products industry, the ice cream industry is growing at the rate of 25 % is invariably unaffected by recession. The bench mark price of the milk sold to the dairy products industries is created by the co-operatives in every state. The co-operatives in some of the states are...

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