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Topics: Kate Chopin, Lightning, Marriage Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: March 19, 2013
One possible theme is finding happiness and fulfillment through unconventional means. The main character is a woman who finds incredible gratification in an elicit affair with an old acquaintance. Chopin seems to be indicating that freedom and happiness can be found outside of regular moral conventions of the time. Calixta, who commits the affair, seems perfectly happy, rejoicing, and almost giddy afterwards, treating her husband and son with unusual kindness and levity. So, even though Calixta seemed to love her husband, and had a husband who, by all outward signs, loved his wife, she still found even more fulfillment through satisfying her sexual desires with another man. Chopin's stories often have this theme of women finding happiness in unconventional ways; take "The Story of an Hour" for example, where the main character, a housewife, is ecstatically happy at the freedom that her husband's death gives her. This theme is seen through "The Storm" as a woman, after surrendering to an affair-which was scandalous and wrong in her society-actually seemed to gain quite a bit of happiness from it.

Kate Chopin in “the Storm” uses symbolism in characters to develop the theme that marriages are not perfect. Although there is a physical storm in the story, there is also a storm of emotions. Chopin is able to convey the emotions of her characters throughout the story because the storm that takes place at the very beginning of her story. As the storm approaches Calixta is home sewing, while husband Bobinot and son Bibi are out at the store. Bobinot notices the “sombre clouds that were rolling with sinister intention from the west, accompanied by a sullen, threatening roar.” (page 394) The description makes it obvious that it’s a threatening, dangerous storm. The father and son decide to remain at the store till the storm passed by. Calixta is waiting at home sewing as time passed by. She doesn’t notice the storm approach; however, she does notice...
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