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Topics: Religion, Indigenous Australians, Human Pages: 14 (1640 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Nature of Religion and Beliefs 16 Indicative hours

The focus of this study is the nature of religion and beliefs including Australian Aboriginal beliefs and spiritualities, as a distinctive response to the human search for meaning in life.

Syllabus Outcomes: P1 describes the main characteristics of religion and belief systems P2 identifies the influence of religion and belief systems on individuals and society P6 selects and uses relevant information about religion from a variety of sources P8 uses appropriate language and terminology related to religion and belief systems

|Students learn about: |Students learn to: | | | | |Suggested Teaching and Learning Strategies | | | |1. Understanding what is a world view: | |The Nature of Religion | | | | | |Class discussion to determine what aspects of human life enable one to make sense of the world. | |religion as a worldview that: | | | | | |In groups, decide what aspects of a society or culture help the human create order and sense. | | | | | | | |Discuss the place of religion in bringing about an understanding of who is the human. | | | | | | | |Define for the students the concept of worldview as that system of understanding that gives a human a sense of order and meaning. | | | | | | | |Use of comic strips, as a stimulus for discussion, on the meaning of life. For example King Features provides links to many cartoons. Try Hagar the | | | |Horrible at:...
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