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Topics: Old age, Social network, Coffee Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Name : Nguyen Bao Anh
Class : 3B
Student Code : CQ530023
With changing world around me, I am driven to change, to catch up with new things. But I still ask myself a question “What is my value ?” In my opinion, the value of each person is variable in the ranges of sex, race, personalities.......ect. And your values change in the way you act to the world day by day. From my personality, I am an extrovert girl with a lot of ambition. In specific, I always plan well to make sure that everything is right. Besides, with some senses of humors, I expand my network by making friend with new people around and through others online social network tools Yahoo ect.... Moreover, in the spare time, I love reading interesting books and going out with friends for fun. However, one thing I care all the time is how to improve myself to be more aware of social responsibility. For me, these following stories are one of the most memorable thing in my memory. My first story began with a sunny summer with a lot of joy at school. At that time, we really hoped to have a trip to Da Nang beach to enjoy sun – bathing and the wind of hot summer. But, other friends and I had a voluntary trip to visit old, vulnerable people in Ha Tay city according to the schedule of the volunteer club, which really annoyed us. Thus, at the beginning, it showed a lack of sympathy and caring in this social event. When the bus stop at Caring House, the only thing to see was an old, humble house with a lot of the elderly. We had boring time to listen about the history of this place as well as its rules for guests, which made the club frustrated to this activity. However, everything seemed better off when we began to talk to old men and women with furrowed face by old age and grief. With sharing and caring, we had no ideas when their story made unscrupulous young teenage like us burst into tears. We asked about their family status and the reasons why they are alone at their...
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