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Autodesk Maya Associate

1. This controls how objects rotate and scale, and also represent the exact locations of objects in space. * Anchor Point
* Universal Manipulator
* Show Manipulator Tool
* Pivot Point

2. This moves the camera into the view, or backs the camera out of the view. * Dolly
* Zoom
* Pan
* Track

3. This is a type of Camera, which is a basic camera with the aim-vector control plus an up-vector control for rotating the camera. * Camera
* Stereo Camera
* Camera and Aim
* Camera, Aim and Up

4. This is the default mapping method in Maya
* Projection mapping
* Stencil
* Normal mapping
* 2d Mapping

5. Which of the following is a difference of a cube out of a sphere? *
* None of the above

6. The dimensions of this safe frame represent the rendering resolution * Film Gate
* Resolution Gate
* Safe Action
* Safe Title
7. This is the aspect ratio of an NTSC video
* 1.33
* 4:3
* 16:9
* Both A&B
8. This property of Blinn gives the surface the ability to reflect its surroundings or the Reflected Color * Reflectivity
* Raytracing
* Refraction
* Eccentricity

9. This makes the current transformations on the selected objects be the objects’ zero position. * Delete History
* Freeze Transformation
* Reset Transformation
* Reset History

10. Searches node names for the string specified in Search For and replaces the named string with the string specified in Replace With. * Search and Rename
* Search and Replace
* Search For and Replace width
* None of the above

11. This describe the entry and exit of curve segments from a key * Tangents
* In point/Out point
* Bezier
* Linear
12. What is the icon for Gatemask
13. The icon for Roll camera
* None of the above
14. This is a path of polygon edges that are connected in sequence by their shared vertices. * Edge Ring
* Edge Loop
* Border Edge
* Edge Path

15. Which is not part of the Maya Nucleus system?
* nCloth
* nGon
* nParticles
* none of the above

16. The following is true about Soft Body springs?
* You can add springs to a soft body’s particles to give the soft body internal structure and improve your deformation control. * You can also add springs to regular particles to give them reactive, interconnected motion. * The number of springs and their stiffness does not alter the effect of the springs. * You can create springs on specific object components. For example, you can select a pair of particles from different objects and create springs on just those particles.

17. Merges two subdivision surfaces to create a new subdivision surface. * Combine
* Attach
* Stitch
* Group

18. With this type of skinning, you can create smooth, articulated deformation effects. * Rigid Skinning
* Smooth Skinning
* Indirect Skinning
* None of the above

19. What are you going to do if you can't find mental ray on the list of renderers in Maya? * Download and install mental ray for Maya
* Re-install Maya
* Go to Plug-in manager and activate mayatomr.mll
* Use Maya Software
20. What is Scanline?
* This a type of rendering where all objects in your scene are projected onto a 2-D plane and sorted according to their vertical and horizontal order. * If enabled, all objects in your scene are projected onto a 2-D plane. Objects are then sorted according to their vertical and horizontal order. * A type of rendering available only in mental ray

* This a type of rendering where the path of individual light rays are calculated between the camera and the light source. 21. What is the on-screen position of the ViewCube?
* Top Right
* Bottom Right
* Top Left
* Bottom Left
22. If you are using a spot light and you use Depth...
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