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The Origin Of Internet
Darpanet and the origin of internet

1)Cold war era...
Do you really now the origin of the internet? Well the story begins way back, at the beginning of the cold war era! The general accepted (perhaps unofficial) story is that after “1962 Cuban missile crisis” someone in the US DoD (United States Department of Defense) had the idea of a durable computer network that can survive even a nuclear attack, at that time “North The SAGE Network, 1958

American Aerospace Defense Command” (or NORAD had implemented for the US Air Force a new defense system the “Semi Automatic Ground Environment” (or SAGE). The SAGE project became operational in January 1959 and was fully functional in 1963 with 3 combat centers, 24 direction centers and over 100 long distance radars. SAGE sites were connected to multiple radar stations which transmitted digital tracking data by modem over ordinary telephone lines or radio signals. The early warning, tracking and intercepting capability for long range bombers was the main target of the system and that was succeeded. Although a few years later the Soviets started deploying “intercontinental ballistic missiles” (or ICBM) and new types of submarine launched ballistic missiles (or SLBM). The SAGE project was never designed to counter long range missiles so it became obsolete quite quickly although it was still operational until 1983. You may think why I am writing all this… well the SAGE project was the first national real computer network! But there was a small problem. Until then, the main idea behind computer network was that it had to be centralized, but that was unacceptable if you wanted a network that will still keep going after several or maybe most of the network servers “down”. So a new decentralized form of network was a necessity but actually that was not yet invented...

Paul Baran and the RAND Co.
Paul Baran
Paul Baran a young engineer working for the RAND Co. first developed the...
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