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Memo Fizz is an energy drink that provides various benefits to the consumers. It gives you the energy you needed and at the same time it also enhances your memory. It contains ingredients that are good for the health. Some ingredients were substituted in order to decrease or as much as possible remove the negative side effects of some energy drinks such as Caffeine and Guarana. It also contains L-Carnitine that provides a lot of good effects and benefits for the health. Majority of the consumers prefer drinking coffee, to boost their energy but experience some effects such as: drowsiness, stomach ache, headache, and others are having a hard time in sleeping. Memo Fizz provides the solution to the problems. It helps you boost your energy in the safest way as possible. Memo Fizz offers different and various flavours, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, orange, mango, apple, wheat grass and four seasons. Because of the variety of flavors offered to the consumers, they will be having more choices. Memo Fizz does not offer only a two in one energy drink (energy booster and memory enhancer) but it also serves as refreshment. So anyone, even if you are just thirsty, can buy the product. The product focuses on the needs of the professionals and the students (main target market), but the group did not close the opportunities to sell more the product so they are promoting it not just as a two in one energy drink but also as a perfect refreshment to relieve you thirst. And that explains the slogan of the product--- UPGRADE THE USUAL!


Name of the Product: MEMO FIZZ

Logo of the Product:

Product Description:

It is the drink that we’ve been waiting for! The Memo Fizz is an energy booster / memory enhancer drink. It is a very unique product because aside from its energy booster effect it also has the ability to enhance the memory of an individual. This product is made for the benefit of the professionals, other workers and the main target market of the product- the students. Most of the students are having a hard time in studying due to fatigue in school or drowsiness. And it is really hard to resist such kind of distractions, but the long wait is over. The product has the ability to make the individual have the energy needed for their task and at the same time a good drink for memory enhancer purposes. Compared to other energy drinks, this Memo Fizz Drink has no side effects when it comes to proper sleep. Meaning if the individual decided to sleep, he/she will not be having a hard time to sleep. It is the common complaint the researchers (group) hear from the students who are drinking energy drinks or coffee just to be awake when they are studying late at night. According to them—yes, the energy drinks makes them awake but when they already want to sleep, they cannot actually go to sleep because of too much caffeine

Situational Analysis

A. Target Markets

Target Market| Description|
Students| The main targets of the MEMO FIZZ drink are the students. It is because the Memo Fizz drink has the capacity to enhance the memory of an individual and at the same time boost their energy especially when they are studying late at night. College students (to be specific) are having a hard time to resist drowsiness or fatigue and tend to drink coffee or other energy booster drink just to be awake. So this product is NOT JUST AN ENERGY BOOSTER BUT ALSO A MEMORY ENHANCER—DRINK.| Professionals| Being a professional is a tough job or has a tough responsibility, so this product is a big help for them to be ALWAYS ON THE GO, and to avoid forgetting important information, meeting and more.| Other Workers| Even the normal workers are benefiting to this product because aside from its use or benefits it has a great taste and really good refreshment, so even the drivers,...
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