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Topics: India, Academia, Cricket Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Presentation Topics 2013
Select any 2 topics from the following and present it to the panel for 3-5 minutes each

1. Academic dishonesty : The first step in corruption 2. Academic pressure: Too much to handle 3. Are ‘Peace’ and ‘nonviolence’ outdated concepts? 4. Globalization versus Nationalism 5. Balance between professionalism and family. 6. Can Airlines hold passengers to ransom? 7. Commercialization of Healthcare sector – your views 8. Communities should be empowered to manage their water resources 9. Developing renewable energy sources is the means to secure a safe future 10. Do our planners lack foresight? 11. Do Trade Unions have a relevance in the current corporate world? 12. Does marketing with a social cause give brands a human face? 13. Should the Public Sector be privatized? 14. Endangered species: Who is responsible to protect them? 15. Global warming: A need for change 16. Indian Education reforms: One leap forward or two steps backward 17. Indian villages : strength or weakness 18. Indians prefer depositing in Bank rather than Investing in Stock Market or Equity Market – your views 19. Is a national infrastructure budget key in promoting industrial growth? 20. Is agricultural output dependent on the vagaries of the monsoon? 21. Should government control internet and its content? 22. Is China a threat to Indian Industry? 23. Is Cricket a curse for the other games in India? 24. Is FDI in Indian retail the need of the hour? 25. Is History a valid tool to plan the future? 26. Should the older people in Indian cricket team quit? 27. Is it time for reforms to be implemented in the Indian judiciary?

28. Is our nation prepared to handle national disasters? 29. Is our population an asset for growth? 30. Is reform necessary in judicial nominations? 31. Is telecom connectivity the symbol of an emerging modern, global power? 32. Online classes compared to traditional classes 33. Developing countries need trade, not aid. Your views 34. Should Academic...
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