Study Habits Paper

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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Study Habits Paper

Lots of different people have been told different ways of studying material; only a few have been correct. We have had these different methods for quite some time and still nobody has took notice and spread the word about it. Different types of tests have been conducted to test the legitimacy of the ideas and a few had positive results. These solutions to the type of studying that is the most productive seem slightly abstract, but work.

The first study involved the use of different learning environments to study in for college students. Usually a basic approach would be for the student to study the same material over and over. Going over the same type of material is not the correct way. The results shown favored the students who studied in different rooms to have retained much more information.

In another type of demonstration a group of fourth graders were given math problems. Half of the children were given the same type of problem to work with and the other half of students were given different types. Again the test results showed positive for the use of different things; in this case the material. The students who studied different material retained the information better than the others who did the same type of problem.

In the above way of trying problems there is a explanation that backs up the results. By experimenting with the same type of problems the information being learned gets boring because there is nothing being taught that sparks the brain to try different patterns of “going at” the problem. By the students being given new problems it makes the brain more acceptable to the usage of new thought patterns and different ways to approach the problem making the information more storable. When there is more thinking involved the brains retentive power increases.

There are other types of experiments to test the reliability of certain ways of studying or getting the information and finding the best way to store it to...
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