Study Habits of Grade 7

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Aklan Valley High School is a secondary school established at 2002 and is based at Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan. Aklan Valley High School is composed of more than 600 students. Like other schools, AVHS has its own fair share of delinquent students especially in Science and Technology subject. Science comes from the Latin word scire, meaning to know. It is a systematic body of knowledge about a particular subject. It is also the study of the physical and natural world phenomena, especially by using systematic observation and experiment. While technology refers to the study of development, and application of devices, machines and techniques for manufacturing and productive processes. Today, a good education in Science and technology is very important because of its usefulness in career such as Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Medicine, and other related fields. Its knowledge will help students to understand how things around them work. It will also encourage the accurate and precise thinking in solving, unlike other subject even your answer is not accurate it is taken for granted. Good study habits facilitate learning and develop an individual for future adjustment while, poor study habits hinders learning. Many of our students who are above average in intelligence could not achieve as expected due to poor study habits. It is therefore believed that necessary remedy must be given so that performance and wholesome study habits can be expected from our students. Studies have shown that one of the most prevalent problems in our educational system is the study habits of their students. In order to impede the development of poor study habits both school and home must work hand in hand. School children must have the right attitude towards the correct study habits, They must have a study schedule, a room of their own that is free from distracting noises. Students fail their periodic test and achievement tests given in a selection type only. Somehow they do not know what study means and how to study efficiently. A student’s success depends not only to his intellectual capacity or ability and hard work but also because of his efficient study habits. A child with efficient study habits will influence other children not only in school but also in one’s work. As observed, the majority of the students do not study every day or even during weekends. Students also select their study at home based on the availability of time and student’s permanent places of study at home. In this scenario, poor study habits was seen which may lead to many causes of academic failure. Lack of parents’ supervision, unwise use of leisure time and low socio-economic status are the main causes of poor study habits. In this regard, the researchers would like to pursue the conduct of this investigation on the conduct of this investigation on the study habits of students, hence, this study.

Statement of the Problem

To determine the study habits of the first year high school students in Science and Technology at Aklan Valley High School for School Year 2012-2013.

Objectives of the Study

Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following:
1.What is the demographic profile of the first year students in terms of:

c.Sibling Rank,
e.Parents’ Major Occupation,
f.Family Monthly income?
2.What are the study habits of the respondents in terms of: a.Frequency of studying,
b.Methods of Studying,
c.Materials used in Studying,
d.Time of Studying?
3.What are the problems encountered in studying?

Significance of the Study

The results of this study will be useful to administrator, guidance counselor, teachers, students, parents and other researchers or investigators. Administrator. The results of this study will help the administrator in adopting alternatives to improve the habits of the students. Guidance Counselor. The findings of this study will serve as basis for the...
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