Study Habits and Attitudes Correlates with the Academic Achievement of Grade V Pupils

Topics: Metro Manila, Teacher, Caloocan City Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: December 17, 2012
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Caloocan City|
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OBJECTIVES| STRATEGIES/ INTERVENTION| TIME FRAME| PERSON INVOLVED| EXPECTED OUTCOME| 1. To improve the reading abilities of pupils and decrease the number of frustration and non-readers.| Participate in the different reading interventions in school like:AKAP(Aklat ay Karunungan Ating Pag-aralan5- Word-A- Day (Mon.-Introduce the word,Tue-Learn the Meaning,Wed-Syllabication,Thu-Spelling,Fri-Application) 5 minutes reading Habit (Dolch Basic Sight WordsRead-Aloud ( at least one short poem ,Stories or song before the lesson)Peer tutoring, Book Report,Journal WritingMBD (Modified Basic Dictation Test)USOD – Use of Dictionary/GlossaryTextbox – sending messages to friendsRead –A-PosterHOPE(Help Overcome Poor performance of pupils through Enrichment)CORA-Class Oral Reading AssessmentSORA-School Oral Reading AssessmentDORA-District Oral Reading Assessment| dailyWeeklyThree times a week| Pupils, TeachersPupils, TeachersTeacher and Pupils| Every Child a Reader with Comprehension| 2. To involve parents in the reading program to be conducted in school.| Meeting with parents and teachers about the reading program in school.TIPT (Teacher Involving Parents in Tutoring| Two to Three times a week| Teacher, Pupils and Parents| Improve the reading and comprehension level of the pupils.| 3. To monitor the reading abilities of pupils by using the reading profile, Phil –IRI & DOLCH.| Organize student’s club within the fast readers who were identified as independent and instructional.Peer tutoring to monitor the reading abilities of the slow readers and the reading level of those who were identified in frustrations level.| Three to Four times a week|...
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