Study Habits

Topics: Learning, Study skills, Test Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: February 10, 2013
How do students study, is it the old fashion flash cards method, rereading thru vigorous notes on the topic, or chapter summaries? Regan A. R. Gurung did a survey amongst 229 students and compared their responses to their exam scores. “There are many different ways to study but not all methods may enhance learning.” He further explained, that study skills can be divided into four main categories: repetition-based (flash cards), cognitive-based (group work), procedural scheduled study) and metacognitive (self knowledge quizzes). Some research suggests that types of study are relevant in test scores. Gurung, however, wanted to assess how students actually study and wanted to test if certain study habits were more conducive to learning than others. He formulated a survey that asked questions regarding study methods, distractions and confidence with material they were studying. There were 11 study methods listed and the extent to which they used them (hours spent), 4 distracters and 3 “self reports” all which were asked to be ranked on a scale of 1(never) -5(all the time). Students are often unaware that some studying habits may hurt their learning. This study provided a view of what students do by collectively assessing different behaviors. Not all techniques are effective according to the results of the study, and some of the most effective were least used. The three most frequently used techniques were reading notes and the text and using mnemonics, these three methods correlated significantly with exam scores but the most effective was testing knowledge but was the least used studying method. Another interesting finding was that the hours spent studying showed very little correlation to the student’s exam scores. Gunger findings show that it is not the amount of time but what study method is most important. It was not at all surprising to read in the article as to what negatively affects exam scores. Regardless of the study method and time spent if you have...
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