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Most Common Bad Study Habits
This section should be pre-empted by noting that everyone has a different study habit. It is important to find your personal best way to study, as you may hate music, while others love it. The following list is a generalization of all problems that students have encountered while studying. Some may apply to you, while others not. Either way, we have provided an explanation and "fix" to the problem. 1. Studying with Friends

* Explanation: While fun, sometimes you may lose out on quality study time by socializing. * Fix: Find one good study-buddy if you like group studying. Otherwise, "just say no" when everyone wants to study together. 1. Too much Music

* Explanation: Noise and music can interfere with the brain's abilite to comprehend new information. It can also distract you from focusing on the material at hand. * Fix: If you need music in the background, find a specific type (usually classical) that works well for you. Don't keep changing it around. When there are no lyrics, then it is easier to focus on the words on the paper in your hand. 1. Bad Environment

* Explanation: A poor study environment can ruin all quality time. If you are uncomfortable at a chair, desk, room, the temperature is too cold or too hot, you will be unsuccessful studying. * Fix: Test out different sites until you find the best place for you. It may be the library, it may be your room, your bed, your best friend's backhouse. Who knows? Find what works best for you and stick with it. 1. Last Minute Cramming

* Explanation: While many people swear by the cramming method, it is ultimately terrible at long term knowledge retention and can cause undue stress. * Fix: Study for days up until the test. Or, if you do prefer cramming, try cramming two nights prior to the exam so that the final night will not consist of stress. Rather it will be a night for review. 1. Eating

* Explanation: Eating...
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