Study Habits

Topics: Sociology, Problem solving, Learning Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: January 3, 2013
conclusion for study habits

The general focus of the group's topic is the diversity of study habits among freshmen university students. Based on the researches we found, people with stronger social skills tend to have better academic performances than interpersonal competence since they have the ability to plan, organize, and recognize appropriate practices and attitudes of the others, which lead them to be more adaptive and goal-oriented. Somehow, the researchers discovered that problem-solving appraisal has something to do for the evaluation of one's study habit since the influence of social interaction on one's capability in decision-making affects one's academic performance. Almost for all stages of age, working with a peer or with someone increased task engagement and enjoyment of the task. Peer interaction has positive effect on the enjoyment of tasks and even retained on complex assignments since interactions are present and teenagers. So as we stated in our results, university students do study but they only study for a short period of time every day. They also study when there are tests coming up or a subject requires them to do so. Other factors that affect a university students study habits are peer pressure and media distractions. It is a fact that most of the time these students do not study simply because their friends do not study either. The researchers believe that the media also contributes much to a student not studying and not wanting to study. The conclusion of the researchers is that awareness of what’s to come or what’s going to happen within the student will be able to prevent these other outside forces to influence his or her life. Inner strength is the key to being a success. Those weak memory, not enough sleep, headache, and fatigue must not be excuses anymore for the students to not study and rather enjoy their so called life. Formation of effective study habit has a very important function which is to the development...
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