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The Chrysalids CHAPTER 1
Based on what you know about Science Fiction, name two books and five films that are of the SciFi genre. |Book |Film |Film |Film | |Book |Film |Film | |

Answer the following questions during and after reading:

1. Read the first page. Make three conclusions about this society based on what you read.

2. Who do you think the Old People are?

3. Explain the section that begins with "Oh, my poor darling!" (approx p.10) and ends with "And so on again" (approx p.11). Why do these religious rules mean little to David?

4. On approximately page 11, David says he "was the one regrettable and unreliable factor in an otherwise orderly life." What is meant by that and what does it tell you about David's home life? How does it contrast Sophie's childhood?

5. With what is David's society obsessed, it seems? Are there any similarities with societies existing today? Explain.

6. What characters does Wyndham introduce in chapter 1? Give their names and what brief information you know about them. Vocabulary
Below are definitions and synonyms for vocabulary words that appear in chapter 1. They are in order and appear with a clue as to their whereabouts (ie. 5.1 is page 5 paragraph 1). These clues are approximate due to pages being different among different editions. |A CLUSTER (5.1) is a grouping of items placed close together. |CONVENTIONS (9.5) are rules, methods, or practices established by custom. | |TRIBULATION (5.5) is severe trial or suffering involving trouble beyond a |COMMANDMENTS (10.15) are strict rules. | |person's control. |BY ROTE (10.15) is repeating information by memory in a mechanical way. | |TO GERMINATE (6.1) is to develop into a plant from a seed, spore, or bulb. |COLD-POULTICED (10.16) a method of packing wounds with a moist mass of cloth, | |DUNGAREES (7.3) are garments similar to overalls made of denim. |bread, herbs, etc. | |A RUNNEL (7.9) is a small stream or channel. |AFFIRMATION (10.16) is confirmation of the truth. | |VALIANTLY (8.11) means done in a courageous manner. |MONOTONOUS (13.13) indicates something that lacks variety and is boring. | |PREDICAMENT (8.13) is a difficult or complicated situation. |SUNDAY PRECEPTS (13.13) directions, rules, and commandments given on Sunday. | |EMPHATIC (8.16) speech that is uttered in an expressive or forceful way. |DEFINITION OF MAN (13.13) "each leg shall be joined twice and have one foot..." | |BAFFLED (8.16) is frustrated by way of confusion. |PERTURBED (14.1) is disturbed or thrown into disorder. | |APPREHENSIVELY (9.3) means done in an unsure manner. |BLASPHEMY (14.1) occurs when someone speaks or acts out against God. |

NOTICE: David notices many things in his environment. The word notice comes from the Latin word nota, which means "a manner of designating; a brand or mark." Ten other words which derive from nota are listed below. See if you can use them correctly in the following sentences.

notable - notarized - notations - noted - notion - notary - noticeable - notify - notification

1. It would have been very dangerous if David had made __notations_____________ about his dreams. (marks or signs) 2. Mrs. Wender's concern was...
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