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In-Class Expository Essay 2013 CYC02
You will write this in class, in a computer lab, on Monday 4 February.
The mode of rhetoric will be exposition.
You will choose one of these patterns of exposition:
Directional Process Analysis (The how-to-do-it essay)
Informational Process Analysis
Read over the introductions to Units 2 (Example) and Unit 3 (Process Analysis) Topics: You can choose your own topic. Write about what you know about. At the end of units two and three, you can find suggestions for subjects to write about if you need help in thinking about this. Try to choose a fresh topic and one about which you have insider knowledge. Try to make your topic and your approach to your topic authentic and original. You might be able to take an old topic and give it a fresh approach. This is important.

Prepare an Informal Outline
Before class make an informal outline of your topic on a 4 inch x 6 inch note card (Supplied). See Hacker page 12 for an example of an informal outline. Also see Hacker pages 8-12 for ways to help you get started thinking about writing. The essay will have the same layout as for our paragraph assignment. Also the essay will follow the general form of a model essay from Canadian Content (at least five paragraphs). You will also find the Editing Checklist inside the back cover of Canadian Content useful (You can bring your text books to class).
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