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Topics: Utopia, Thomas More, 16th century Pages: 4 (830 words) Published: September 20, 2012
English 4, Unit 2: Utopia and DystopiaSir Thomas More’s Utopia Study Guide

Directions: As you read, complete each question below. Type your answers in the appropriate spaces provided.

1. In Book I, who is the narrator? What point of view is this?

2. More and Giles strike up a conversation with someone. Who is this? What does he do? Why are they interested in him?

3. More and Giles believe Hythloday would make a great advisor to a king. Does Hythloday agree with this? Why or why not?

4. Hythloday’s concern about kings and advisors points out a problem with European society. What is this problem?

5. The author Sir Thomas More has created the fictional character Sir Thomas More within the first narrative frame. Do you think it is wise to see both the real person and the character as one? Why or why not?

6. According to Hythloday, what are some other problems with European society?

7. In Book II, who is the narrator? What point of view is this? Why does the author use this narrative frame?


8. Describe the cities in Utopia.


9. How does the Utopian method of farming promote harmony in their society?

10. In general, what form of government does Utopia have?

11. How do Utopians get jobs and how is this different from Europe in the 16th century?

12. How do Utopians treat education and how is this different from Europe in the 16th century?

13. Do you find it odd that Utopia allows slavery? Why or why not?


14. Do Utopians believe in war? Why or why not?


15. Sir Thomas More played a large role in persecuting the Protestants. Why, then, is the Utopian view of religion a bit unexpected?

16. Do you believe that Utopia is the most perfect of societies?

17. In questions 4 and 6, you highlighted problems with 16th...
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