Study Guide Module 6

Topics: Christianity, Sociology, Protestantism Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: February 25, 2012
Study Guide: Module 6

I. Christianity is a Practical Religion| Instructions to Student:Write your answers in this column. The cell will expand as you type.| Core Christianity (textbook): Chapter 10| |
1. | What is the relationship between works and salvation?| Faith is promoted by God’s love to do good works| 2. | Why do Christians do good works?| 1) the love of God2) gratitude3) the command from the bible4) pragmatism| II. Christianity is a Movement thatTransforms Culture| |

A. Core Christianity (textbook): Chapter 11| |
1. | When did Christianity become Rome’s national religion?| AD 313| 2. | What was the Ulster revival?| When many unbelivers got saved after praying meeting in Ireland| 3. | What did European missionaries do wrong in their approach?| Rather than allowing the gospel to transform the culture it touched, they often imposed a European culture on a people struggling with the implications of the gospel in their own life.| 4. | What is “trickle down” influence?| When a native chieftain of a tribe is converted and the decrees that everyone become a Christian| 5. | What is “bubble up” influence?| Begins in the heart of individuals when they are converted. Salvation transforms their values and attitiudes.| 6. | Which is more effective, the “trickle down” influence or “bubble up” influence? Why?| The bubble up influence because it doesn’t need laws passed to change people or society.| 7. | When is a nation considered to be “Christianized”?| When society assumes Christian values and attitudes| 8. | T/F Oikos conversion in the New Testament is the promise that the presence of one Christian in a family guarantees the eventual conversion of all other family members of his family.| False| 9. | What term do foreign missionaries use to describe oikos conversion?| A people movement| 10. | What is a “people movement”?| Where many people make an individual...
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