Study Guide: Integrated Life Science

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  • Published : January 26, 2012
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Integrated Life Science
Study Guide
Test #1/Chapters 1,3,4,19

1. The scientific method- A continuous process use to collect observationsk form amd test hypotheses, make predictions, and identify patterns in the physical world. pg 4 2. Biodiversity- the number of different species that coexist at a given place pg. 8 3. Dimitri Mendelev- Russian Chemist; created the Period Table of the Elements; 1st 1800s to arrange elements in such a way that the showed something about it properties. Elements made of atoms-Iron, Helium, Hydrogen pg. 10 4. Creationism or creation science is the belief of the Judeo-Christians (Bible); Genesis; 2000+ yrs. The Earth is between 5-7000 yrs old. It’s the belief that it was created in 7 days.

Science of Creation (most scientists believe) believes the universe is approx. 15 Billion yrs old. Earth-is about 4.5 billio9n yrs old. No beginning and no end to this universe. 5. Stem cells- embryonic cells that can become any cell in a living organism. Source; ambilical cord Adult stem cell-restricting-almost useless to work with; medical science impeded by someones belief system 6. Work- force exerted over a distance

Power- work divided by time; how fast you do work.. Power =work/time Energy= the ability to do work; we get energy from food; converts to calorie-> glucose; cell->work; plants also use glucose to live

2 types of energy-
Kinetic-energy of motion
Potential- stored (fat)
Force-a push or pull from kinectic energy; gravity energy-> glucose 7. Trophic levels
a. Omnivores-eat both plants and animals
b. Carnivores-eat meat.. ex. Lions, tigers,
c. Herbivores-eat plants, ex. Cows, horses
d. Plants- glucose
e. Decomposers-bacteria; worms, fungi, provide food to make soil rich 8. First Law of Thermodynamics- 1st law about energy
f. All energy in the universe stays the same; it only changes form i. Glucose “sugar”-> energy...
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