Study Guide : How to Be the Teacher from the First Day in Class

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Be The Teacher: How To Begin Your School Year With
Calm, Confidence and A Clear Plan

A Workshop Presented by Rachel Schankula

“A well-managed classroom is a task-oriented environment where students know what is expected of them and how to succeed. According to the research, most students will make better achievement gains in a class such as this.

A well-managed classroom is also a predictable environment. Both teacher and students know what to do and what is supposed to happen in the classroom. You should be able to close your eyes and not only envision learning taking place but also know why it is taking place because o f how you have chosen to manage the classroom environment.

It is the responsibility of the teacher to manage a class to see that a task-oriented and predictable environment has been established.”
-- From The First Days of School by Harry & Rosemary Wong

Useful Books:
The First Days of School: How To Be An Effective Teacher By Harry K. Wong & Rosemary T. Wong This book is the “bible” of first day stuff. It contains lots of very practical advice about how to be effective and efficient in your classroom. •Assertive Discipline By Lee Cantor

A very useful book full of concrete ideas and solutions. Assertive discipline is a direct and positive approach to taking charge of your class. •Classrooms That Work: They Can All Read and Write By Patricia Cunningham This book provides extremely useful examples of what elementary classrooms should look like. It was a powerful tool for me during my first year because it allowed me to really understand what I should be shooting for.

Useful Websites:
This wonderful resource includes tips for handling 117 different types of misbehavior. It also contains a comprehensive explanation of the many reasons why students misbehave and four-step discipline model for how to structure your response to misbehavior. •

This GREAT website is full of useful information including lesson plans, articles on classroom management and literacy instruction, support groups for new teachers and chatboards organized by grade level and subject. There’s just tons of stuff here that you’ll find useful as the school year progresses. • This collection of tips will be useful to you as your prepare to start your first year of teaching. It includes tips for bulletin boards, parent communication, organization and record keeping, first day activities and much much more. •

A website FULL of GOOD ideas from the classroom of Laura Candler. Includes clear explanations of thoughtfully developed activities that would be a great addition to any classroom. There are also great first week tips and activities in the Cooperative Learning Network section. •

An article about good ideas for the first six weeks of school. Focuses on creating community, collaborating on discipline, curriculum & resources. •
This is the link to the article “Your First Day” by Harry & Rosemary Wong. •
This is the link to the article “The First Five Minutes Are Critical” by Harry & Rosemary Wong DURING THE FIRST WEEK I RESOLVE TO:

From the very first moment that students enter my classroom, they begin to draw conclusions about me and about how my class will work. Based on these conclusions, they make decisions about how they will behave and how much they will accomplish. I am, therefore, determined to make sure that all aspects of my classroom, my appearance and my behavior communicate to my students that this year will be a academically rigorous year and that I am, above all else, there to ensure that they make significant gains in their academic achievement. In order to establish...
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