Study Guide for Final Std Exam

Topics: Vagina, Performance, Bacterial vaginosis Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: January 27, 2012
STD Video Study Guide for Female Exam
Answer the questions while watching the video to guide your study of this content. Some of the questions require you to find out what the process is in your agency and can be answered after viewing the video. Each video is broken down into two parts. Part One is the examination portion, and is required viewing. Part Two is not required but can be viewed if you desire more information on counseling techniques in your patient teaching for STD prevention.

Study Questions:
1.What routine specimens are collected for a STD screening examination on a female client? Vaginal pH and odorGonorrhea culture Pap smear
Cervical Gram stainChlamydia cultureSyphillis
Test for yeast, trichomonas, and bacterial vaginosis

2. What items should you always keep in mind when you are performing a STD screening assessment on a female? Universal precautionsMay have few or no sign or symptoms
More than one site may be infectedMay have more than one infections Correctly collect specimens will aid in diagnosis

3. What equipment do you need to have available for the routine female STD examination? GC culture plateslubeveinaputure equipmentpH test strips Clean glass slidesChlamydia testing suppliescyto brushtest tubes Drape clothssterile cotton tip swabs tongue depressor

Gloves normal saline

4. What materials need to be opened prior to gloving for a female STD assessment? Swabs and cyto brush

5. What light sources do you have in your agency for performing a speculum examination? Is the lighting adequate for visualization and patient comfort?

Yes, flashlight or halogen lamps

6. What other equipment needs to be available for female clients who have contacts or symptoms consistent with non routine screening? Materials for pap smear Urine speciem Pregnancy tests Chanche media slides

7. How do you prepare your female client for the examination? Tell the patient to undress from the...
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