Study Guide for Exam 2 Chapters 3and 5

Topics: DNA, Epidermis, Cell Pages: 4 (929 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Study guide for A&PI exam #2 Fall 2010- Chapters 3 and 5- Wrinn Chapter 3: Cells
I. Vocabulary to know from this chapter for possible matching/multiple choice questions Hooke, Schleiden and Schwann, Virchow, plasma membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, diffusion, membrane potential, gene, exon, intron, cell differentiation, apoptosis II. Know these parts of the cell and their basic functions for matching or multiple choice questions: -Membrane proteins- types: integral and peripheral

-Membrane junctions- types: tight junctions, desmosomes, gap junctions -Cell adhesion molecules- what do they do?
-Membrane receptors- contact and chemical signaling
-Cytoplasmic organelles- what does each do?
oEndoplasmic reticulum (ER)- rough and smooth
oGolgi apparatus
oCytoskeleton- microtubules, microfilaments, intermediate fibers. oCellular extensions- flagella, cilia, microvilli
Which mature body cell does not have one?
What is the function of the nuclear envelope (membrane)? What is the function of nucleoli?
What is chromatin?
-What are the three types of RNA and what is each used for? III. What are the stages of Mitosis and what occurs at each? (this could be a potential essay question as well in which you could use diagrams to help explain). Also, what is cytokinesis? IV. Know the differences between active vs. passive transport and how the subtypes of each work oSubtypes of passive transport- simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion- carrier mediated and channel mediated, osmosis oBe able to identify isotonic, hypertonic or hypotonic solutions and know what happens to a cell placed in each of these types of solutions. oSubtypes of active transport- primary active transport- main system = K+/Na+ pump to maintain the higher gradient of K+ inside the cell and Na+ outside the cell, secondary active transport, vesicular transport. Types of vesicular transport: exocytosis, endocytosis,...
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