Study Guide: Exploring the Hospitality Industry

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HM 211 Study Guide One

Hospitality: comes from French word “hospice” and Latin word “hospitium”

Pineapple legend: sea captains arriving home brought fruit back; sign of safe return

Pineapple tradition: symbol of welcome, friendship, and hospitality; recognizes for concept of SERVICE

Origins of hospitality:
-Summarians: after becoming farmers, they began writing, inventing money, creating pottery, making tools, producing beer
-taverns provided places for locals to relax and enjoy each other’s
-taverns and inns began springing up all over Europe, China, Egypt,
and India
-Greece and Rome: Code of Hammurabi was one of first written documents imposing penalties for plotting crimes in taverns
-Romans built inns 25 miles apart on all main roads
-first “business lunch” was the idea of a Roman tavern owner (40 B.C.)
-Medieval Times: Charlemagne made rest houses for pilgrims
-stagecoach was popular in England on trail called “post houses”
-16th century, eating places called “ordinary” were taverns serving fixed price meals
-17th century, coffee houses began springing up over Europe as social/literary centers
-The New World:
-Ordinaries were common in 1600s
-Frauncis Tavern, where GW maintained Revolutionary headquarters is still operating today
-John Adams owned a tavern from 1783-1789
-French Revolution: changed course of culinary history because as French nobility lost their titles/property, chefs lost their jobs
-many immigrated to New World and settled in New Orleans where they introduced sauces and dishes that originated with British
-Nineteenth Century: first great cook books=Antoine Careme, beginning of “a la carte menu”

Interdependency in tourism: each segment is dependent on another for business

Managed services: foodservices are provided for airlines, military facilities, schools, health care operations, business, and industry
-foodservice operations have dual challenge of meeting the needs and wants of guests AND clients

Moments of Truth: instance of contact or interaction between a customer and a firm
-examples: guest calls for reservation, guest tries to find restaurant, guest parking, guest welcome, guest is told table is not ready, guest goes to lounge for cocktail

Success in Service: a guest is someone who receives or benefits from the output of someone’s work
-external customer satisfaction measures a company’s success -internal customers are people inside the company who receive benefit from output of work done by others in company
-approximately 70% of American and Canadian economies are engaged in service industries

For success in service, we need to:
-focus on the guest, understand the role of guest-contact employee, weave a service culture into education and training systems, emphasize high-touch instead of just high-tech, thrive on change

7 Deadly Sins of Service: apathy, brush-off, coldness, condescension, robotics, rule book, runaround

Characteristics of the Hospitality Industry
-product is intangible (for use, not possession)
-product is perishable (guest cannot “test-drive” or “taste-test”)
-hospitality operations run on a 24-hour basis year round for hotels
-shift work: 4 basic shifts
-inseparability of production and consumption

Corporate Philosophy: shift toward greater employee empowerment, strong links to TQM, service philosophy is a way of life

Corporate Culture: overall style and feel of the company; mission statement: central purpose, strategies, values; goal: broad statement geared toward accomplishment; strategy/tactics: actions needed to reach goals

Disney Service Model:
-Smile, Eye Contact, Respect and welcome all guests, Value the magic, Initiate guest contact, Creative service solutions, End with a “thank you”

Disney Approach to Guest Service:
-“We create happiness.”
-key elements of guest service:
-hiring, developing, and...
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