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MGMT 410
Human Resource Management
Midterm Exam Study Guide

* Overview:
The midterm covers chapters 1 through 9 (TCOs 1 – 9) and it is worth 160 points.  There are 25 multiple choice questions worth 4 points each and 3 essay questions worth 20 points each.  Please be sure to save your answers frequently as you take this exam (e.g. after posting your answers to every 4-5 questions) so that your browser does not time you out and kick you off.  It is critical to save your answers frequently as you take this mid-term exam! You have a maximum of 2.5 hours to complete the exam. 

NOTE: Questions for the Midterm Exam comes from information from the textbook, lectures, and thread discussions.

* Study Hints:
* Complete the assigned textbook readings
* Make sure you understand the Key Terms at the end of each chapter * Review the Thread discussions
* Check your work several times before submitting your exam * Do not spend too much time on one question
* Review and print my lectures
* Take the practice quizzes
* Use the glossary and subject index to quickly review test terms

* Key Concepts and Terms for Review:
* Modern trends affecting HRM (globalization, diversity, organizational staffing strategies, etc.) * 4 Functions of HRM
* Employment testing
* Equal employment legislation (ADA, ADEA, Title VII, FMLA, etc.) * Employee rights (Privacy) Legislation & best practices * Employee discipline guidelines
* Employment-at-will doctrine
* Job analysis
* Employment recruitment, interview, and selection techniques & best practices * Principles of adult learning
* Training design and development
* International HRM (contrasted with domestic HRM, best practices, etc.) * Career management
* Evolution of employment law
* Types of Discrimination
* Human Resources...

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