Study: Community Colleges Face Challenge in Helping Minority Students Succeed

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  • Published : May 4, 2011
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Article #3 March 2010

Rainey, M. (2010). Community Colleges Face Challenge in Helping Minority Students Succeed. Journal Insight into Diversity, 3, 5-8. Hypothesis:
Research was conducted in a certain number of Community Colleges comparing minorities and Caucasians graduation rate. He proposed that tuition rate and class sizes affected the rate of minorities graduating college, not only community colleges, but 4 year colleges also. Method:

The study started with 27 community colleges in 2004 throughout five states that was the main focus. He focused his study on minorities in the southern colleges and Texas. Minorities include African Americans and Hispanics. This program is referred to as Achieving the Dream. Today there are over 100 colleges in 22 states that is currently the focus. In every college the focus is on how professors introduce work to students to prepare them for the next level of education, which is a bachelor’s degree, or even harder more complicated course work. The author also looked at cost of attendance to colleges and how financial aid caused many minorities to withdraw or take a smaller course load, which in turn caused the graduation rate for minorities to decrease. The study is for two years, but the program hopes colleges would agree for more years as the percentile of graduating minorities would eventually increase. If colleges agree to being a participant of achieving the dream, each college pays an annual fee that teaches them about Achieving the Dream, how to go about their analysis work, how to devise a game plan in regards to graduation rate of minorities and low income students, and making decisions about moving forward. Every school is assigned a person who will coach and guide them through college arenas meaning maintaining a college and helping with their graduation rate. Also a data facilitator will be assigned to keep track of all data and percentiles to help increase colleges with low percentile rates in...
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