Study , Analyze & Evaluate Training & Development Imparted by Nis Sparta at Reliance Communications by Sadiya Contractor

Topics: Reliance Communications, Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, Companies based in Mumbai Pages: 56 (11689 words) Published: August 1, 2012
A PROJECT REPORT ON “To study, analyze and evaluate Training and development practices imparted by NIS- Sparta at Reliance Communication (June – August 2008)” AT Reliance Communication In partial Fulfillment of MASTERS DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUBMITTED TO UNIVERSITY OF PUNE BY

MS Sadiya A. Contractor MBA-II [2007 – 2009]








Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to the Reliance Communication – NIS Sparta for giving me an opportunity to undergo the practical training in their company and extend me full cooperation, enabling me to successfully complete this project report. I am thankful to my family and friends who have helped and supported me to make this project a success. I am particularly grateful to Mr. Amit Kumar Girdhar, Head - State Operations (Maharashtra & Goa) - NIS Sparta for his cooperation extended to me by providing necessary information & timely help. I am also obliged and indebted to Dr. K.K. Singh – Director, Allana Institute of Management Sciences, Pune and Prof. S.D.Bagade,my internal guide for the valuable suggestions and encouragement in completing this project successfully.

Sadiya A. Contractor



I am very well aware of the ethics and guidelines one has to follow while working on a project in a disciplined manner. Being aware of a project regarding its Factuality and Authenticity, I have tried my best to perform my task. All the information mentioned here throughout the project is true to the best of my knowledge. And I declare it as true and the collection made through own website and by my own personal observation and experience. The theoretical part is gathered from various Human Resource reference books whose quotations have been mentioned in bibliography.

Sadiya A.Contractor -----------------------




Project Title: ―To study, analyze and evaluate Training and development practices NIS- Sparta at Reliance Communication (June – August 2008)‖

imparted by

Organization: Reliance Communication, 7 loves chowk, Swargate ,Pune

Name: Sadiya A Contractor

Course Persuading: MBA

Specialization: Human Resource Management

Institute: Allana Institute Of Management Sciences

Objective of the project:     To study the effectiveness of the training imparted by NIS- Sparta and its resultant in the performance of the employees. To know the perception of the employees regarding training methods in Reliance Communication To identify how training assists the employees to acquire skills,knowledge and attitude and also enhance the same. To study whether training helps to motivate employees and helps in avoiding mistakes.

Research methodology:


For our project we required information like knowledge about the employees understanding ,skills generated and the mastery gained during the training. Hence we have taken a insight at the performance of the employees through evaluation of performance, through questionnaires and data received by the management.

QUESTIONNAIRE: In this method, a list of questions related to subject is prepared and given to participants. The questionnaire contains questions and provides space. A request is made to participants to fill up the questionnaire and send it back within a specified time.

Advantages: Can reach many people in a short time. Is relatively inexpensive. Gives opportunity of expression without fear of embarrassment. Yields data easily summarized and reported.

Limitations: Little provision for free expression of unanticipated responses. May be difficult to construct. It has limited effectiveness in getting at the causes of problems and possible solutions.



The scope/range of this project report is not too far stretching to the whole of Reliance Communication, Pune rather it...
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