Study: Adolescence and Past Teenager

Topics: Adolescence, Present, Time Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: April 13, 2013

Every people in the world get their first physical change in their live from baby, children, teenager and adult. In this discusion, will explain you more about teenager. Teenager time or period is a time to make an identity. It’s mean that in this period, will happend a searching or characters and habits that will be teenager identity and teenager will defend it in their live. Teen age always have a relation with “love story”. Some of teenager will do anything for their love. They will praise she or he, want to be closer and always look at their love. Most of teenager say for their love, if don’t see you for a day, it same like a year. But we don’t know how is the truly. Teenager devided in two. There are modern teenager and past teenager. Modern teenager are we, that live in modern era. Then past teenager is a teen where the older live there. Past teenager is very different than modern teenager in their attitude. One of the factor is because of sophistication in this era. From many opinion, people say that past teen have a good attitude and characteristic. They are more good than us, as a modern teen. Past teenager is polite and can appreciate another people. They do the rules that they ever see. They are more diligent than us. Modern teenager difficult to do some activities that bored in their opinion. We can see it from some of our friends, they like to do bad activities such as smoking, racing, don’t want to study seriously and difficult to do any rules and regulations. But, it’s not happened to all teen in all era. Just happened to some teen. Every teenager have each characters that we can see from their thinking, action, how to solve their problem, relationship with other people and their plan for future. Althought many teenager in the world hiding for their true characters, we still can read the truly. If we, as a modern teenager don’t care about the development of our characters to be more good, It will be something wrong for other people...
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