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- Does the corporate values matter? Arguments in favor and against. Corporate values are an important factor inside the company of L’Oréal. L’Oréal is committed to building strong and sustainable relationship with its suppliers, based on trust, mutual benefits and high standards. Corporate values are important for a company so we are all in favor to have corporate values in a company. It is another way to describe your company, different from the mission statement and the vision of the company. It’s an elaborate way to describe the enterprise on different sections, such as quality, innovation and logistics. These sections are the ones that are described in the L’Oréal enterprise.

- What are the corporate value(s) in the company
* Ethics & Suppliers - L’Oréal and its suppliers share and respect common values and ethical commitments * Trust and mutual benefits - Developing and distributing L’Oréal cosmetics products together all over the world * Sustainable development - L’Oréal is convinced that sustainable success is founded on responsible sourcing * Innovation - As a value-creation tool, innovation is a major driver for L’Oréal and its suppliers * Quality - Assuring the best quality is a key factor of success for L’Oréal and its suppliers * Logistics - With its suppliers, L’Oréal is continuously seeking out ways to optimize the management of its supply chain.

- How are those values matching in your personal values and understanding of social responsibility?
Ana: in my opinion these values fit quite well with the values that an organization of this dimension should have. The quality is so important while developing a brand devoted to beauty and skin and hair healthy, and of course it is so important to acquire this quality respecting the environment, I mean leading the environment develop in a sustainable way, what is not possible if the company doesn’t invest enough money on innovation as L’Oréal does. But in my opinion this values need something else related with the social responsibility, as of course this company is helping to make a sustainable development of the environment possible but companies with this relevance should also be devoted to help people somehow.

Noora: L´Oréals values are quite good ones for a large company. It’s important that this kind of company pays attention to environmental issues and also in ethical issues. It’s important that L´Oréal doesn’t use any environmentally harming chemicals and they don’t use animals to test the products. In my opinion L´Oréal doesn’t pay enough attention to social responsibility. They should use half their donation money to environment and other half to help people in need.

Vincent: For me as a global enterprise, L’Oréal meets to my expectations. L’Oréal is a large company and wants to keep developing in new and better ways to produce and sell their beauty and skin care products as well as their perfumes. They focus on the relationship with their supplier which can be kinda dangerous cause they may lose their target vision on the customers and their personnel.

Annika: I think that social responsibility includes responsibility for the environment and other people. In my opinion L’Oréal meets those quite well. For me it’s important that company tries to take care of environment because that affect to people around company. So for me that is the value number one. In addition to this, it’s great that L’Oréal avoid animal tests. One of the most important values is quality and trust as well. Katri: I think the values are a vital for a company this size. I defines the way they do business and also how people see them. In my opinion the values are very good but there is also something to improve when speaking of a multimillion business like L’oreal.

- Do you find that your values are the same with your team members? We are quite even on the facts that L’Oréal pays a lot of attention to their...
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