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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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July 2013


Internet is one of the most valuable technology that can supply man the best information, he or she will be needing. With this technology, you can access almost everything a man is looking for. It can be information regarding profiles, events, histories, and definitions of terms are among the few which are available in the internet.

Theoretical Framework
More Filipinos are using digital media for news and information rather than listening to radio or reading newspapers and magazines, according to a study conducted by TNS, a global research company. “TNS Digital Life 2012″ showed that 45 percent of Filipino respondents connected to the Internet compared to 36 percent who listened to radio, 12 percent who read newspapers, and 4 percent magazines. The MISSING PERSONS DATABASE is back online with an improved report form. The public can now resume browsing through the database or filing reports. They ask those people who have posted missing-person reports in this database to please file update reports if new information about the said missing person or family comes up. The relationship between the researchers study is to search a missing person by using internet connection.

Conceptual Framework

The input data shows the researcher encountered by the Offices of DWSD during adding and fixing their patients data. The process contains the procedures on how the study was conducted. First the registration of DSWD offices, the other DSWD offices have their own personnel to register in the site. By the registration process, the system will give the captcha code then it will transfer to their own email. This process will verify if the user is a human not a computer. After that, the system will give a template for the registered user. The template serves as the profile of the user...
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