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HRMT 301
Assignment #3 – Employee Orientation Program
Team Project
Due Week Of: November 12, 2012
50 Marks (15% of final course grade)


1. Working in teams of 4, this assignment requires you to prepare an Orientation Handbook.

2. Prepare a word-processed Handbook of no more than 10pages double spaced, with a 12 point font size.

3. Please include a cover page, and note your names and student ID #’s (this page will be included as part of your overall page count).

4. Please submit a printed paper copy of your assignment to your professor at the beginning of class the week November 12, 2012. Late papers will be penalized 5% per day (including weekends) unless extenuating circumstances prevail as per the School of Business Assignment Policy.

5. The Handbook must be authored by the HRMT 301 students to be graded.

6. To assist you in preparing your paper please review Chapter 8 in your text, as well as the supporting chapter’s PowerPoint slides. I also encourage you to review Orientation Handbooks provided by your employers.

7. All sources of information must be credited, whether a direct quote or not. You can see the Centennial library for APA style guide references online at .


Once employees have been recruited and selected, the next step is orienting them to their new company and their new job. A strategic approach to recruitment and retention of employees includes a well-integrated orientation program. New employees need a clear understanding of company policies, expectations regarding their performance and of operating procedures.

Team Task:

As members of the senior management team of an organization that you have created, you will be responsible for the Human Resources activities.

Step 1: (10 marks)

As a team create the following for your company:

* A Company Profile (Mission, Vision,...
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