Studio Photography vs Photojournalism

Topics: Photography, Photojournalism, Fine art photography Pages: 4 (1151 words) Published: October 23, 2010
Studio Photography vs. Photojournalism
By Giovanna McHenry
Instructor: Rachel Turnage
October 20, 2010
ENG 1010

Studio Photography and Photojournalism are two very different types of photography which offer personal and financial rewards. Both are highly exciting and give the opportunity to have fun, see new sites, and meet new people, but both also have their downfalls and headaches. There are many differences between both career fields, but making a choice as to which direction to take with a photography career can be broken down in a very simple manner. The most important factors to consider are job flexibility, building a networking community, and the financial weight of both fields.

Studio photography allows one to work their own hours, especially if one owns their own studio. This means owning a studio gives the opportunity to make a schedule as they wish to work around the daily errands and duties. This can be rewarding because there is more time to get things done around the house, more time to spend with the family, and more time to read a book or take a walk. This is all another way of saying that studio photography offers job flexibility. Photojournalism can allow one to work their own hours, but it is sometimes the images that are presented are not acceptable enough for the editorial business. This can cause one to ponder the effectiveness of owning a photography company or freelancing. However, a photojournalist has flexibility as well as they get to make their own time to travel, take their time shooting subjects, and they often do not have strict deadlines in most cases. Newspaper photojournalists have smaller deadlines than a research photographer, but they do have more restrictions on the guidelines of a quality and accurate photo. That alone can minimize the flexibility of the job. As studio photographers have another type of flexibility, in altering images, photojournalist most often do not get this flexibility. Often,...
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