Studies on the Popularity of American Tv Series in China from the Cultural Perspective

Topics: Culture, Globalization, Western culture Pages: 8 (3006 words) Published: August 22, 2012
Studies on the Popularity of American TV Series in China from the Cultural Perspective

In the background of globalization, film and television have reached alarming proportions in the international transmission with the fast development of communication technology. The spread of American TV series in China has caused a great tide among a large group of audience and it becomes a phenomenon which is worthy to be regarded. This essay aims to discuss the reasons behind the popularity of American TV series in China to discover the deeper meaning it conveys. Key words: American TV series, cultural communication

Chapter One

Cultural Reasons behind the Popularity of American TV Series The spread of American TV series in China can be divided into three stages: In early 80s, after the official establishment of Sino-US relations, the transmissions of U.S. drama are mainly based on the national introduction in television. In the 1990s, along with the popularity of DVD devices, American TV series spread in the open coastal cities. American TV series began to attract some audience and set off a burst of enthusiasm. Since 21st century, the development of the Internet has pushed the spread of American TV series. More and more audience has the access to American TV series through the global network and interactive new media, 1.1 Reasons in the Culture Integration Perspective

The fast-growing development of the global economic exchange has led to the frequent communications between different cultures. The integration of cultures means the contact, interaction and adoption of different cultures. Information monopoly and cultural blockade will become increasingly difficult. Culture, once produced, must be communicated (Carley H. Dodd, 106). Multimedia means that the information must flow from one media to another media; it must be able to declare the same thing in different paradigms; it must be able to touch a variety of human’s sensory experience. It would appear that the three traditional media: newspapers, radio, television, which are confined to a certain mode of transmission, do not have this quality. Extensive use of the Internet multimedia technology breaks the barriers caused by the traditional media, and provides various forms for information and cultural exchange so that many countries possess the opportunity to disseminate their own cultures in order to fully participate in the global flow of culture, to showcase the charm of national culture. From a cultural sense, the Internet, owning the unique advantages to achieve the equal sharing of resources and dialogue between different cultures, has made the regional cultural information transformed into the cultural area shared by a larger scale. In modern society, the signs of cultural globalization are everywhere. McDonald’s' KFC can be spotted in many cities in China; Louis Vinton 'Dior' Chanel and other luxury brands are available in many first-tier cities; Hollywood films appear in the fastest time on web sites and movie theaters. In the context of globalization, TV drama, a form of popular culture, carrying the values ,​​has become a significant phenomenon and TV series’ function of cultural transmission stands out. The transnational exchange and dissemination of drama flourished with the help of new media technology, this is an irresistible trend. Among them, the spread of American TV series is the inevitable result in the context of globalization of the economy and culture. 1.2 Reasons in the Culture Physiological Perspective

American TV series, as a mass cultural product, can not attract a large audience unless it meets the psychological needs of the audience. The higher the level of satisfaction to the audience, the more the audience's cultural consumption.The research of international audience shows that the national elites with the quality of internationalization are more likely to have access to international programs, because they...
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