Studies of Theory of Knowledge

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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TOK Reflection

One the first lesson of Theory of Knowledge (TOK), we got a booklet called ‘The Nature of knowledge’. This booklet talked about how knowers know, how knowers we should consider a piece of information we get. The booklet suggested that when we get a piece of information we have to judge it on whether it is the truth and whether we should believe it. Just believing in the piece of information is not enough because you need a justification. Second-hand knowledge, cultural tradition, school, Internet, and expert opinion can obtain the justification.

Further continuing the studies of TOK, we found out more about the subject, starting with the ways of knowing. The four types of ways of knowing are reason and logic, emotion, sense perception, and language. For the first quarter we have focused on Sense Perception. In sense perception we focused on the 6 senses, which are: touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste, proprioception. During one of these lessons, we conducted an interesting survey of which sense would you as a person would be willing to live without. The results show that most of the class would be willing to live without the sense of smell.

In relation to the topic of what people believe in, we made a list of things people believe to be true. Using this list we made a ranking of how many people would have to see it for you to believe in it as well or you would actually have to see it for yourself before you believe it.

We have watched quite a few documentaries in the quarter. In my opinion the documentary about the guy using echolocation to ride a bike, was one of the most fascinating things I have seen. I find this interesting because even with his disadvantage of being blind, he has somehow found an alternative method to move about and do normal things in life. This video relates to the topic we were currently studying which was sense perception. It shows us how important our senses are and that there are people who can live...
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