Studies of Religion Education Pre 1945

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  • Published : August 27, 2010
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The Contribution of Christianity to the provision of education Pre 1945 Australia
There were many significant people that played a vital role in the contribution of education in Australia, due to their recognition, influence and determination during the 1830’s, the church has successfully created a well structured society that has continued to our present day.

Father Therry
In the 1830’s Governor Bourke attempted to set up an educational system that was intended to brake down denominational barriers, unfortunately he was unsuccessful. Eventually a secular system of education was established, Public schools which were run by the government and another stemmed from the four major churches.

Attempts to start a state educational system was developed in 1833 when government money was provided for the church based schools under the legislation of the church Acts, at this time there were ten catholic schools in the state. The first two Catholic schools found in Australia were established by Father Therry in 1821-1822.

Therry played a very important role in the history of education as he challenged the government to pay support for these church schools with his determination and loyalty to the church. His movement was very successful as during the 1830’s he bought attention to the importance of education to society.

Families began encouraging religious and general education and there for were eager to support money and labour to these catholic schools, which in result alerted the government of the importance of education and in 1833 the funding began. Only three years later in 1836 The Church Act was introduced, this provided a more general support system for religion and education as money was provided depending on the population of each church. This government funding unfortunately came to an end in 1862 when the states lost confidence and insisted on a secular society separate from the churches. Despite this refusal the Catholic church...
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