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Three Factors of Motivation: Self-Worth Theory

Royal Lewis

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American Military University
David Weschadle

Three Factors of Motivation: Self-Worth Theory

Where does anyone get his or her motivation from? How can anyone build their self-esteem? It all comes from within. A person self-worth is pretty much their everything; because in order to build self-esteem or motivation, one must know what he or she has inside of them to build from. Motivation and self –esteem all thrive off of self-worth. Self-worth, self-esteem, and motivation all three components of the Motivation of Self-worth theory. Self-worth is a trait that one inherited on the day a person is born. As a creation of the universe humans are worth the while and have value, which cannot be from take them. Self-worth cannot be lost, but at times one will lose sight of it. Sometimes it seems like people just forget their value (Johnston.D 2000). As stated every single person on earth is worth something; no matter how bad of a situation they are in, sometimes they just lose their sight and focus. Even the homeless person on the street panhandling up and down the interstate has some self-worth. Prostitutes and hookers are the main the people which lose their sight, but no matter what they do they still have self-worth. The Self-worth theory asserts that a person’s ability to achieve is directly linked to their perception of themselves (Covinton,M 1984). What ever a person thinks, believe, or see their selves as will have a great impact on their self-worth. I know I was told all my life if think I can do it, then I will succeed in doing it; but if I think I am going the to fail, then I might as well do not even attempt it. Over a century ago, W. James argued that self-esteem rises and falls around its typical level in response to success and failures in domains on which has stalked self-worth (W.James 1908). Self-esteem is the level or amount of personal worth and ability...
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