Students with Behavioral Disorder Can Manage Their Own Behavior

Topics: Motivation, Human behavior, Behavior Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: March 28, 2008
Article Title: Students with Behavioral Disorders Can Manage Their Own Behavior Author(s): Beverly Patton, Kristine Jolivette, Michelle Ramsey Journal: Teaching Exceptional Children

Publication Information: November/December 2006, Volume #39, Issue 2, PP 14-21

Publisher Information: Council for Exceptional Children

Keywords: Inclusive intervention strategies, Self-management, Behavior Disorders, Behavior Management plan

Introduction: This article snagged my attention with its title. I am of the persuasion that students with behavior concerns need extra guidance to manage their own behavior to one day function in society on their own.

Abstract and Overview: The article discusses in great detail about how we should allow students to be a part of their own behavior management plans. The title intrigued me because there are so many conflicting viewpoints on the ability of students to manage how they behave. Specific examples are given of student behavior and how to implement a self-management plan given those behaviors. Self accountability is the focus of this article.

Analysis and Synthesis: The piece begins with a description of how students are ultimately identified as having an emotional and/or behavior disorder. A student who acts out, but infrequently is not necessarily identified as having a disorder. It’s the student who acts out often and whose ability to learn is compromised by poor behavior that ultimately gets the title. Observations over an extended amount of time must be made in order to accurately identify a student with this disability.

A case study is provided on Chris, a student who since the age of three has been aggressively attacking both his family and his peers. He is now in third grade and still struggles with these issues. Procedures are suggested for implementing a self-management plan for Chris. Chris and all the teachers who work with him are invited to help in implementing the new plan. The first step is to identify...
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