Students Social Challenge

Topics: Education, Teacher, Psychology Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: May 6, 2008
Students face many social challenges outside the classroom. Three examples of these issues are poverty, sexual orientation, and culture. Overcoming adversity in today’s classroom is important. Teachers, administration, and parents should instill the values and strategies essential to overcoming these types of challenges. As educators, we have the opportunity to mold young minds and help ensure that adversities such as poverty, sexual orientation, and culture are less of a factor in today’s learning environment. Students face poverty as a societal issue as it can hinder a student’s ability to succeed. Poverty overwhelms students by putting them at a natural disadvantage due to stress caused by financial issues. To assist in students academic development schools can facilitate workshops educating students on various types of financial aid. Educating students can present them with the opportunity to succeed. Another societal issue student’s face in everyday life is sexual orientation. Many students are harassed due to the perception of homosexuality. Some assumptions derive from the way a student speaks, behaves, or appears. Schools and educators should not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or slander of a student regardless of a person’s sexual orientation. Schools can present teachers with a safe zone that allows students to discuss and feel comfortable as conversations come up in the classroom. One of the largest societal issues a student faces is culture. Each culture has a different perspective on religion, behavior, and traditions. Students are faced with stereotypes resulted from faulty information. Not only do these labels impede on a students learning capabilities, it is counterproductive to their livelihood. Educating students on culture is important helps them become aware of the cultural diversities that exist and are prepare students for the world that is ahead. Including cultures in lesson plans teaches understanding and appreciation for different...
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