Students Shouldnt Wear Uniforms

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  • Published : November 2, 2008
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Today I will be talking to you about my topical issue “students should not have to wear a uniform”. What is the importance of a school uniform? School uniforms should not be enforced although there should be some kind of dress code that represents them from their school when they are on excursions etc. A dress code would simply tell the teachers/staff who is in their class. Schools in America do not require a uniform, so why should we? It is very annoying waking up in the morning, putting on the same uniform every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday. We have free will; we should at least have the freedom of choosing our own clothes! It’s ridiculous, I understand the negatives but overall, nothing beats freedom. School uniforms are not necessary, you should NOT have to wear school uniforms.. Everyone should be able to express their selves and wear what they please. If children prefer to wear colourful clothes, adults should permit them to do so, kids have to enjoy going to school, that is why everything has to be done to make the pupils feel comfortable at school. Us children should have rights and wear any clothes on a school day. I don't think they should wear school uniforms because it deprives kids and teens of expressing themselves by what they wear. Kids should have the right to wear what they want to. Everything is dull and boring when kids come to school everyday with the same clothing. To some kids, when they can't pick out what they want to wear and they are already stress they can become angry and violent. Kids and teens should have the right to pick out what they want to wear, just like adults. Sure it might take a bit longer, but in the end it would be worth it. Everyone has the right to express themselves by the way they look. It can tell what kind of person they are. At least if you are looking for a friend at school and you know what they are wearing, you could easily pick them out but if they have the school uniform on, everyone looks...
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