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Topics: Riot, Protest, Riots Pages: 4 (1514 words) Published: January 17, 2013
My chosen topic of discussion is Riots. The term riot is defined in the Oxford dictionary as ‘a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd’. ( Stevenson and Soanes 2010) In other words, this means a riot is a destructive uproar where a collection of people come together to cause a commotion and interrupt the harmony of a society. The question I pose is whether a riot can ever be justified or should simply be held malicious and immoral. Furthermore, should a riot be considered a social problem? For example, people may argue that a riot only happens as a last resort in order for people to have their voice heard and therefore it should not be regarded as criminal but as a cause for change. However when should the line be drawn? Should it be if riots consist of destruction and cause a social panic for many, otherwise known as a social problem Or alternatively, simply just interrupting the customary running of society. Wicket & Picket (2010) describe every social problem as a consequence of inequalities, mostly shaped by poverty and differences of incomes between the rich and the poor. They go on to identify that the majority of people who participate in rioting are from deprived backgrounds (Wicket & Picket 2010). The 4th August 2011, started a chain of riots which became widespread across the whole of the U.K ranging from Manchester to London. The trigger claimed to spark these riots, was the shooting of a 29 year old man named Mark Duggan near Tottenham Hale tube station. Mark Duggan was shot dead by two police officers. Duggan’s family received no explanation of the events that surrounded Mark Duggan’s death; this fuelled the family suspicions (Hughes 2011). Instigating a protest of around 200 people who marched to Tottenham police station, demanding to see a senior ranking officer however whilst they were waiting for Officer to arrive, the protestors tempers were starting to fray and their patients began running out as they started shouting...
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