Students' Reaction and Behavior in Public Environments

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: November 7, 2010
School Excursions are fun learning experiences which take place outside of school sites. Excursions allow students to be exposed to potential risks and dangers. The Department of Education’s policy exists to highlight the significance of excursions. It also exists to manage the risks associated with excursions. The excursion policy used for in this report for examination is the New South Wales Department of Education Excursions Policy. This can be found at: ""&HYPERLINK ""categories=Schools%7CSchool+activities%7CExcursions

The scenarios included in this report involve student’s reactions and behaviour in changed and public environments (specifically around animals), safe transportation to and from external sites and the delegation of responsibility whilst on excursions. These scenarios will give reasons as to why the policy is needed and how it can be used.

The basis of the excursion policy is to maintain a safe and comfortable learning environment for students and teachers. This policy was created as a guideline for teachers and schools for the planning and applying process. It exists to protect the students’ rights and to communicate the responsibilities of the student’s as well. The policy exists to help eliminate and manage possible risks. The excursion policy entails the rights and responsibilities of teachers on excursions. The Department of Education policy may also be used as a shield if the school is litigated.

The duty of care for students is one of the issues that the policy covers. This in turn ensures that students are...
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