Students Involved in Community Change (Sicc) Organization Observation of the " Importance of Community"

Topics: English-language films, Power, Delta State Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: April 16, 2011
The Students Involved in Community Change organization (SICC) members of Shelby, MS ventured to Delta State University to be graced by the presence of the noted speaker and author Mr. Clifton Taulbert. Mr. Taulbert spoke on the chosen topic “Community: The Delta’s Gift” that included the powers of community which also included the eight habits of the heart, and the power of diversifying. The Power of Community section explained that “the power of community is the unselfishness in action” which means that a community has the power to motivate its members to exceptional performances. This means that a community can set high of expectations for individuals and provide a climate in which great things happen. “Someone thought I mattered when it mattered.” The Eight Habits of The Heart section was a subdivision that falls under the importance of the Power of Community. The Eight Habits of the Heart includes the characteristics that involve maintaining a nurturing attitude, responsibility, dependability, friendship, brotherhood/sisterhood, high expectations, courage, and hope. To have characteristics of this nature, you have to realize that it’s about being unselfish; knowing that it is not a concept, but will be a person. Meaning that you can be counted on, letting others know that we all matter. Mr. Taulbert’s final segment was based on the facts of diversifying meaning that If we won’t and don’t make a change, who will? We have to get together as a one community and speak out on behalf of others and yourself as well. We have to help one another believe in tomorrow, which involves going beyond what you see because “We have learned to see with our hearts.”

“By searching for diversity, I looked around, and embraced the habits, build community, and changed my world.”
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