Students in Ho Chi Minh City Have Favor Whether in Korean Pop or Us – Uk?

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Research Paper

Name: Phạm Thị Loan Trang
ID: 10DH70066
Instructor: Lý Thị Ngọc Hoa

APRIL, 2013
Instructor’s comment

To many people in many cultures, music is an important part of their way of life. The purpose of this research was to find out which factors lead people to choose the trend of music they love the most. This research might help Vietnam Pop has their own way in music industry. 100 students participated in this research. The subjects were surveyed by a questionnaire with 10 questions. Result showed that students in Ho Chi Minh city have favor in US-UK because of many positive reasons. This result might help music producers have their own way in producing music for Vietnam’s music industry. The research was carried out fluently because this topic related to everyone’s life.

Table of Contents4
1. Introduction including Literature Review5
2. Methodology including Material6
3. Findings and discussion7
4. Conclusion12
5. References14
6. Questionnaire15
7. Acknowledgement17

1. Introduction including Literature Review
Nowadays, K-pop (Korean Pop) and US-UK (USA and UK Pop) are the popular trends of music which attract teenagers the most. US-UK for a long time has become a great influence to people all over the world, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s easy to understand that English is an international language and people can not deny US-UK’s pretty rhythm. However, when the Korean dramas have come to Vietnam, then, their OST (original soundtracks) have also become as popular as US-UK. Small investigation has been made to find out whether students in Ho Chi Minh City have favor in K-pop or US-UK? However, that’s why I write this research report. According to Jayson – a tourist from England, people listen to US-UK simply because they like the song. People enjoy K-pop, because they love the idols, K-pop is not selling music. It’s about selling idols – people that admirers (or fans) worship. Everyone has their favorite member who just looks especially hot, cute, sexy or delicious in the themed outfits for each new music video, which one must watch 20 times a day in order to elevate the view count to over 20 million in a week. Do not forget that most idols are not even good at singing. So obviously that is not why K-pop’s popularity has soared in recent years. A student from Hutech university also commented that kids, in Korean showbiz, are trained, molded – effectively turned into K-pop stars, and noone bats an eye. There is very strong loyalty to the record label in South Korea. The record labels themselves – particularly the major ones are more than just a label, they are also ver strong brands. Korea is very strategic in its members of pop-groups, in order to appeal to as broad an audience as possible – i.e China. Most K-pop artists will release the same album in three different languages: Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Or, they will release completely different songs – in each language. “The world still loves US-UK music. But why, exactly?”

It’s an age-old question from Maria Martinez – journalist, that: if music is pouring out of every corner of the globe, why is US-UK music so popular on the world stage? Especially in a borderless, digitally – liberated media environment? And even in countries deeply resent America, or whose cultures are radically different? This is deeper than just music in the background ; US-UK pop culture and music are deeply seeped into this culture – consciously or otherwise. You can say that this is isolate, but...
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