Students Expectations on Their Future

Topics: 2008 albums, Future, Matchbox Twenty Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: December 2, 2012
“The world is burning to the ground”, goes a line from the song of Matchbox Twenty, a popular American rock band from Orlando, Florida. Entitled “How far we’ve come, the song offers a playful rhythm; but despite its head banging melody, the entirety of its message is both alarming and saddening. If the world is really in its worse condition right now, what could we, students, expect for the world to give us in the future?

Political turmoil, unrest civil war, environmental destruction, and moral degradation -just to name a few- are some of the problems our world is battling with at present – the very same reasons why a student like me could be a bit cynical about the abstract concept of the word future. As students, do we really know where we are going to, or is there really something to look forward to in years to come?

I cannot be skeptical about what tomorrow brings. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of striving hard as a student? Yes, I am a student; and I am confident to say that I represent those who have high hopes for what lies ahead of us. My heart is not covered with pessimism for I know that our generation will give birth to responsible individuals who would save the world from totally burning to the ground. From us shall come righteous people who will lead the government by the people and for the people. Our generation shall produce leaders who are sensitively and objectively attuned to the very rhythm of existence of all citizens particularly the distressed and the marginalized. Ten years hence, our country, specifically, shall witness a peaceful living environment which is controlled and taken care of by scrupulous individuals exuding deep concern for all living and non-living creatures. In the future, we shall see a citizenry of professionals –doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, scientists, news anchors, lawyers, environmentalists- who have a high regard for the well-being and co-existence of all humans- in the workplace, in the neighborhood...
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