Students Deal with Stress

Topics: Personal life, Coping skill, Health Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Students Deal With Stress
“Hey, I’m stressed of homework and studying, let’s have a drink”, said by the majority of freshmen students. Alcohol is the easiest coping mechanism to students because we are exposed to alcohol more than anything else. Throughout high school, most students are shown “the ways” of drinking. Lots of students find out the positive outcomes of drinking; relaxation, relief of stress, temporarily happiness, but they tend to avoid the negative outcomes; laziness, forgetfulness, and physical damage to the body. Everyone has personal stressors that drive them to drinking. Freshmen have very similar and critical stressors though. Home sickness, studies, lack or loss of relationships are things that students deal with every day. With every stressor, there is a way to cope with it, without resorting to alcohol. For example, when students miss home they should try to make their new place just as comfortable and they should never be shy to call their parents. To deal with lost friends from moving on to university, make new friends! You can still keep in touch with past friends, but making new friends while at university is an essential part of feeling happy and relieving stress while at school. In addition, joining a club or sports team helps to make new friends and is useful as a stress reliever. For example, I joined a volleyball team, and this is a good time to get out of my place to go have some fun, and forget about school for a bit, this usually results in me avoiding drinking. To regards with studying, take breaks, treat yourself and remember trying hard is all you can do, so never be disappointed if you put forth an honest effort. There are several ways to avoid stress. Make new friends, go out for supper to avoid cooking or cafeteria food, call family and friends, have leisure times, join a team, don’t cram study, have effective time management so daily schedules aren’t so jam packed and stressful, these are all great ways to overcome...
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