Students Attending Cmi Schools Are of a Disadvantage Compared to Students Attending Emi Schools in Terms of Coping with Tertiary Education.

Topics: High school, Hong Kong, College Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Language in education has long been a controversial issue in Hong Kong. Children learn better and achieve better result if they are instructed in their first language. Under ideal circumstances, therefore, there really is no debate. However, sometime we need to make trade-offs between the best theoretical method and the feasibility when we put it in practice. People tend to think that students study in EMI schools is a privilege and superior to those students studying in CMI schools in terms of coping with tertiary education. And I am not with it

The ideal case mentioned above cannot apply to all situations. Let us look into the statistic of the medium of instructions of secondary school in Hong Kong carried out by Educational Research Section of Education Department in February 1998. Over 95% of the Band 1 (when divided in three bandings) middle schools in Hong Kong are EMI Schools. Is it showing that EMI schools are better because their lessons are conducted in English? Is the instruction medium being the main factor for its banding? What are the ideas comes to your mind at once when you read this topic? School adopting English medium of instructions is better off than the CMI schools in terms of the English proficiency as well as their academic result, which is a common thought in people’s mind.

Chinese being the mother tongue in Hong Kong. It is always a better way for a learner to explore the knowledge in a specific field as it is the most natural way for people to go through the four basic stage of learning: Reading, Listening, Analyzing and Writing. All the information people read and consume can ‘digest’ directly instead of go through the process of translation. So why do both pupils and their parents in Hong Kong nowadays still strike for the place in EMI secondary school? The answer is obvious and direct. Hong Kong being an international city, one of the world’s leading financial centers, it makes English plays an extremely important role as it...
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