Students Athletes and Gym Class

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Student Athletes and Gym Class
Lets be honest, who wants to participate in gym class? Even the teachers put in the minimum effort. “Get dressed!” “Work-out day!” “Start running!” This was the daily routine that has been given to me every single year. So why should student athletes waste their time and energy to this over-rated class? Not only do students not take it seriously, the goals of gym class are fulfilled in the after-school sport, and gym interferes with the athlete’s training schedule. So, students playing a sport should not be required to attend a gym class during the sport’s season.

First, gym class is taken as a joke. Teachers do not expect much effort from their students. Teachers take attendance, let the students dress, then run, lift weights, or play the sport of the month. The teachers do not teach physical education. They babysit students working out, running, playing a sport. Because of this lazy attitude, students don’t want to put in the effort. Unlike the other academic classes, where students ought to pay attention to what is being taught so they can understand the lesson, complete the homework and pass the tests, gym class is graded on participation. There is never any homework, and a test is passed out every once in a while on the recent sport that was played to make sure the students learned something. While it is true students should learn different types of sports and ways to work out, coaches and internet resources can do just as well, if not more in depth, than a gym teacher that just tells people run, play a sport, or lift-weights.

Next, staying fit is a necessity that everyone should be willing to do and encouraged to do, especially in the high school and in the college years of one’s life. Sports provide that opportunity for students to stay active during their school years. Not only does the sport teach the athlete how to play, but it teaches teamwork, strategies to defeat the opponent, analyze and recover from a defeat,...
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