Students Are More Influenced by Their Teachers Than by Their Friends

Topics: Adolescence, Time 100, Periodization Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Students are more influenced by their teachers than by their friends.

It is commonly acknowledged that people are easily influenced by circumstances, so the most influential people to students are their teachers and friends who accompany them for much of the time each day. But the different attitudes of students toward their teachers and friends that compared to teachers, they hold a feeling of more affinity and trust to their friends reveal that their friends have a greater impact on them. As students, teenagers mostly regard teachers in awe and respectful because in students’ mind, teachers who seem always to know the answer to the question are impossible to be exceeded, so teenagers usually perform meticulously and do not express their own ideas in front of teachers. While when students are with their friends, they are more relaxed and more likely to communicate with those who are of their age and bear the similar situation. When they encounter problems, they tend to listen to their friends’ advice rather than listen to teachers’ for they reckon teacher’s solutions as the adult way to handle the problem and are too conservative to be suitable for them teenagers. As contemporaries, they believe that their friends can give them more innovative ideas. This phenomenon which is called the generation gap shows that friends are more influential to students. Most students in middle school or in high school will experience a time period called rebellious time. Students at that time regard their teachers as enemies by ignoring teachers’ advice, and only listen to their friends who they think can understand them. So friends become consequential to them. I have a cousin named Qiao, who has a group of excellent friends around him. At the time when he became rebellious, his friends talked to him patiently and brought him to the right track of life. However, there is a number of news reported in the newspaper that teenagers are led to wrong ways by their friends who...
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