Students Are Banks While Teachers Is the Depositor of Knowledge

Topics: Education, Teacher, Pedagogy Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Sangmin Lee
Professor Peter Parker
English A100 #21944 / Mon Wends
Sep 9 2012
What do you think which instructional method is better? Banking education? Problem-posing education? Through our textbook, we knew what Freire wanted to say, and we could realize that. However, I want to focus on the more exact concept by showing on my educational experience. And then I want to prove that Problem-posing education is better than Banking education. First of all, I want to briefly say what Banking method is. In Banking education, teachers lead the students to memorize mechanically the content and they consider students as empty containers where teachers deposit knowledge. Also, students listen meekly. I think Korea educational style and other country educational styles are different. It is good to compare those styles to know the point. In Korea, many students learn by rote. It is education which drills fixed educational content into students. If you are interested in Korea education, you know that it is controversial. In French I heard that they can choose their subject and learn 'why' first, not correct answer. Almost all Korea students know that our educational method is wrong, but it is hard to change the method because of the college scholastic ability test. I think Banking education is better than Problem-posing education in the test. This is because students expect more efficient learning effect for a short time by Banking education. When I was a middle school, I learned by rote. My first goal in middle school was to enter a good, famous, and prestige high school. In Korea society, it still matters which university you graduated from and the ties you have with other alumni. Because of this reason, I should enter the prestige school. It made me mechanical. Any subject was Banking education. For example, there was an English class. When I learned the past tense form of the verb, my teacher just taught me all things through grammar. There were no...
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